Kriselda describes the social dance-floor as “a favourite place you can go to almost anywhere in the world”. She knew it was love at first step after her first Salsa lesson in 2005, during a trip to Peru. She fast became a fixture in her hometown Sydney’s latin dance scene, social dancing Cross-Body Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha and Brazilian Zouk. There she learnt about technique, connection and “sabor” (“flavour”) from various teachers including Graeme Haney/Mambo G, Mauricio Hernandez and 5-time World Salsa Champion Oliver Pineda. She had her first taste at performing in a couple of Oliver’s student choreographies. Her romance with travel and dance carried over to London in 2010, where she found another Salsa home with Super Mario and his team. In 2012, she developed an even stronger penchant for the beautiful Brazilian Zouk style and has since thrown herself into London’s thriving Brazilian dance scene, learning from the likes of Kleber Saude, Solange Dias and London’s multitude of schools. She performed with Brazilian Social Dance in the 2013 More London Free Festival, Sarah Gibbons’ ladies styling team at Zouk Fest 2014 and is now teaching Zouk Lambada and Samba de Gafieira alongside the Brazilian Social Dance team- with whom she is happy to help spread her passion for these dynamic dance styles.