DJ Spiro   

DJ Spiro been DJing since 2006 at every venue in London that has seen Zouk Lambada over the past 20 years: Bar Rez, Colisseum, Havana, Sway, The Langley, Digress, Grace bar and of course at FIX. He has also been a guest DJ at some of the biggest international congresses in Brazil.
He describes his unique style of ‘Spiro Zouk’ as ‘the best of everything that appeals to the widest range of audiences and dancers’ Spiro has a renegade reputation for pushing the boundaries and taking Zouk out of the mainstream area and exploring styles in order to widen its appeal. For example R & B, Hip-Hop, Neo, Contemporary, even Opera. He has a taste for challenging dancers, and a twinkle of mischief in his eye. He keeps threatening retirement but still can’t seem to stay away from the dance floor and the decks!