DJ Mishka   

Mishka started his adventure with DJing 10 years ago, at first playing all kinds of Latin music at various UK clubs and also spent several summers DJing in Malta.

His passion for dancing brought him to a Salsa venue, where he discovered Lambazouk and immediately fell in love with it. Mesmerized by the music, he learnt the dance and eventually started to DJ at Lambazouk parties and with time he became one of most recognizable DJs in the field. With the passage of time, and the dance evolving, Mishka expanded his music library across the full range of different Zouk music styles, namely NeoZouk, RnB Zouk, Kizomba etc. Constantly on the lookout for new music and remixes, he keeps in touch with the best Zouk DJs in the world, bringing the newest and the best songs to his nights, where his sets have become known as ‘ Miiiishka Time!’.Always remembering the roots of this beautiful dance- he has become famous for delivering perfect mix of old, traditional beats, together with the best new tracks. He currently plays across different clubs in London and attends several international congresses every year, Brazil, Amsterdam, Barcelona to name but a few. Outside of dancing and DJing, Mishka’s other passions are Martial Arts and keeping fit in the gym.